We Are Your

One-Stop Shop!

Every project we build is different. And every project is attached to our heart as if it was our own. We are very passionate of what we do, and enjoy every minute of it.

Basic Understandings…
We get a lot of phone calls asking us what it would cost to build taco trucks, catering trucks/trailers, pizza trailers, hot dogs stands etc… In order for us to give a perfect answer we need to know exactly what the concept of the food truck is. For example – If a customer tells us they want a taco truck with a 36″ griddle, a deep fryer and a convention oven we will then know this concession food truck trailer will need a commercial hood system with fire suppression system. When we get to refrigeration the question is how big of a refrigerator or freezer you will need. We will then know how much storage we will have to build in the concession truck/trailer. Getting a quote to you is a process in which we need a clear picture of what we are building.

Starting From Scratch…
-We work together to design your truck to execute your menu. We draw out the truck and once we both agree we have our initial blue print.

-Once the blueprint is ready, we send it to the Health Department for approval. The Health Department is very straight forward with what they want in these concession food trucks and they will stick to their requirements. So we come up with a custom plan that includes all their requirements to keep the process moving smoothly.

-When we have the YES from the Health Department, we begin the project. Out talented crew gets to work to bring your vision to life.

Vehicle Wrap and Design
We have an in house artist who will work with you to design the perfect wrap for your truck. We print the design and install the wrap right here in our shop. This is an optional feature.

The Last Step…
We take the final product back to the Health Department for the final inspection. Once we have the permits, we celebrate. You are ready to roll!

**Give us your trust and we will make your dreamed food truck a reality. Please click the “Start A Project” tab to get a quote started. Remember the more information you give us of your concession truck/trailer the better price quote we can give you.

Food Truck interior